Ohaus Valor 4000 V41PWE3T 3kg x 0.5g/3kg x 1g IPX8 Washdown Compact Bench Scale

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NMI Trade Verification:

NMI Approved

*** Where the weighing specifications of this instrument are deemed suitable for the application, this instrument (when verified) CAN be used for pre-packing and/or compliance testing AND for trading direct with the public (e.g. face to face, over the counter adhoc weighing transactions).

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NMI Approval 6/4C/283

Pan Size - 190mm x 242mm

3kg x 0.5g Non-Trade Resolution

3kg x 1g Trade Resolution

Legal for trade food scale that enhances safety, efficiency, and productivity even in harsh environments!

The OHAUS Valor 4000 water resistant food scale raises the bar and sets a new industry standard with the winning combination of touchless operations, speed, and durability. Available in both stainless steel and plastic housing designs, Valor 4000 offers large LED front and rear displays, puncture resistant keypads, and is NMI Trade Approved, NSF Certified, OIML/EC Type Approved and supports HACCP Certified systems, making it the premiere scale for use in dry or washdown environments.

Standard Features Include:

• Approvals Ensure Operation in the Most Demanding Environments — With Legal for Trade certifications and food-safe washdown design that’s NMI Trade Approved, NSF Certified, OIML/EC Type Approved and supports HACCP Certified systems, Valor 4000 meets the needs of the most demanding commercial applications in dry or wet environments.
• Fast Speed, Practical Touchless Sensors, and Multiple Weighing Modes Enhance Productivity — Touchless sensors combined with a half second stabilization time increase the productivity of weighing operations without sacrificing accuracy. Additional checkweighing and percent weighing modes increase the functionality of this efficient scale.
• The Flow-Thru Design Protects Valor 4000 in Harsh Environments — Safe to use in the weighing of liquids and in wet environments, Valor 4000’s flow-thru design ensures the scale is protected from damage from liquids.
• Knife Proof Keypad Prevents Damage from Sharp Objects — Valor 4000 has a polycarbonate keypad that can endure being touched by knives or sharp instruments used daily in demanding food preparation, processing and portioning applications.