Starter ST5000-F pH/Oxidation-Reduction Potential/Temperature Bench Meter

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ST5000-F Starter 5000 Meter, Stand-alone Electrode Holder, In-use Cover, 4GB USB-stickST350 Electrode pH Buffer Powder Set (4.01, 7.00, 10.01) 

Measurement Range -2.00 – 20.00 pH;-2000.00 – +2000.00 mV;-30 – 130°C
Measurement Resolution 0.001 pH;0.01 mV;0.1 °C
Calibration 9 Point

High Performance Bench Meter for Universal Applications

Backed by OHAUS’ century-old commitment to providing precise measurement, the Starter 5000 provides accurate pH and ORP measurement for advanced experiments and research. Enhanced features, advanced technology, and high performance have been combined to support complex laboratory tasks, requiring pH measurement.

Standard Features Include:

• Advanced Features for Powerful Performance—Equipped with a 1,000 measurement memory, eight predefined buffer groups, and three endpoint modes, Starter 5000 is geared for precise pH measurement.

• Powered by Advanced Software and Technology for Intuitive Operation—The color touchscreen operates similar to smartphones and tablet computers, and provides simple operation of the advanced features, such as one-touch toggling of measurement modes.

• Designed for Maximum Protection & Convenient Use—With a stand-alone electrode holder, USB port, IP54 housing and in-use cover, Starter 5000 provides the flexibility and protection that ensures smooth and enduring operation.

Packages Available in two configurations: (See other product offerings to purchase alternate packages)

ST5000-B Starter 5000 Meter, Stand-alone Electrode Holder, In-use Cover, 4GB USB-stick

ST5000-F Includes ST5000-B PLUS ST350 Electrode pH Buffer Powder Set (4.01, 7.00, 10.01)