Rinstrum HS150-F1 Trade Approved 150kg x 50g Hanging Scale With Rechargeable Battery

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NMI Trade Verification:

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NMI Approved But Not For Trading Direct With The Public

*** Where the weighing specifications of this instrument are deemed suitable for the application, this instrument (when verified) CAN be used for pre-packing and/or compliance testing but CANNOT be used for trading direct with the public (e.g. face to face, over the counter adhoc weighing transactions).

The H series hanging scales combine the proven R320 indicator with an S cell in an extended enclosure creating a compact trade approved sling scale – ideal for a wide range of weighing applications from tea, flour to steel merchants, recycling and competition fishing - applications that require suspended weighing.

Peak hold functionality makes for an excellent load testing, cable pulling or tension device. Pivoting mount arrangement makes swivelling the assembly and load simple. Physical features:
  • Stainless steel load cell, hook and eyes
  • Dust and water tight (IP65 rated), increasing reliability and unit lifetime.
  • Protective lens over the LCD to reduce risk of damage from knocks

Built in communications and outputs:

  • Built in RS232 communications port for connection to printer or PC
  • Two outputs – isolated high side driver up to 300mA

Ideal for trade approved applications:

  • Programmable function keyUnit switching, Counting, Manual Hold, Peak Hold, Live Weigh
  • Configurable printing combined with the clock calendar allow for traceable dockets to be printed.
  • Live weigh functionality for weighing animals.
  • High performance based on a trade approved indicator

This hanging scale is powered by a rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack and includes charging adapter.

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