Kelba KCLY-AL-5000 5000kg X 2kg Digital Dynamometer

Kelba KCLY-AL-5000 5000kg X 2kg Digital Dynamometer

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The Kelba KCLY-AL series of Digital Dynamometer’s, offers the user a simple and easy method to weigh goods in a lifting / tension application, from 500kg to 10000kg capacities. 


Standard 6 digit 18 mm LCD backlight display makes for easy reading of the displayed weight.  24 hours of continuous operation with-out 

backlighting. Standard Zero, Tare function, Stable function makes this a very simple to use scale. 


The Kelba KCLY-AL Dynamometer scale is also able to read weights in kg, KN & Klb. Record the peak value and real time weighing. 

Displaying the gross and net weight. Some other handy features include an overload alarm to warn you if have gone over the capacity of 

the Dynamometer plus a battery indication function to warn you of the current battery power level. 


The applications are limitless from Food industry Fishing Industry, Measuring Tension Forces and General Tension weighing. (Non-Trade weighing applications only) 

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