Kelba 1500kg x 0.5kg 800mm x 800mm Stainless Steel Pallet/Floor Scale + 240V AC KR320 Indicator
[KPS-SS-1500-800 + KR320-K302-A-M3001-M3002-A10021]

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NMI Trade Verification:

NMI Approved But Not For Trading Direct With The Public

*** Where the weighing specifications of this instrument are deemed suitable for the application, this instrument (when verified) CAN be used for pre-packing and/or compliance testing but CANNOT be used for trading direct with the public (e.g. face to face, over the counter adhoc weighing transactions).

NMI Approval 6/9C/304 & S420

Kelba’s KPS-SS series of NMI (Trade Approved) stainless steel platform scales are built to a standard not a price yet remain reasonably priced. These scales come with a smooth top deck for easy cleaning and are ideally suit in all food manufacturing, wet areas & harsh chemical environments. At the heart of each scale is the loadcell and for this reason Kelba use the Scaime SK30X trade approved series of IP68 Hermetically sealed shearbeams from France, which carries a 3 warranty.

Trade Approved Resolution 1500kg x 0.5kg

800mm x 800mm 304 Stainless Steel Deck + 240V AC KR 320 Indicator

C-Channel Construction

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