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A&D GX-224AE 220g x 0.1mg Analytical Balance[06034400]

A&D GX-224AE 220g x 0.1mg Analytical Balance[06034400]

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Industry leading 5 years warranty

  • Impact shock detection (ISD) providing feedback to prevent damage to the weight sensor*1
  • Electronically controlled load (ECL) that enables precision management without using an external weight*1
  • Flow rate display (FRD) that makes calculating and recording flow rates easier and more accurate*2
  • Smart super hybrid sensor (Smart SHS) that realizes fast stabilization, long-term durability and low cost of ownership
  • Shock logging function that records up to 50 adverse impact loads with a timestamp for later inspection
  • Cushioning under the weighing pan to mitigate impact shocks significantly
  • Protection against vertical and transverse static overloading
  • Flow rate comparator that indicates whether the flow rate is within the designated limits
  • Tare memory function that saves the tare value in non-volatile memory
  • Built-in fanless ionizer with Quick Ion technology and external IR switch
  • Large and detachable, antistatic glass breeze break (0.0001 g readability models)
  • Retractable doors that disappear into the back, requiring no extra space at the rear
  • Automatic self calibration in response to temperature changes or according to set schedules
  • Automatic minimum weight calculation with either ECL or an actual, external weight
  • Alert function to ensure that the measured quantity is not smaller than the set minimum weight
  • Selectable response characteristics for trading weighing speed for higher display stability or vice versa
  • Large, front-mounted spirit level with LED illumination
  • Easy-to-adjust leveling feet with thumbwheels
  • User access control (UAC) that password-protects the laboratory balance from misusage
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output to meet documentation requirements
  • Universal Flexi Coms (UFC)
  • Gross/Net/Tare output
  • Data memory function
  • Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function
  • Percent mode function for target weighing or checking sample variation
  • Animal weighing (average & hold) function for weighing moving objects
  • Statistical calculation function (SCF) to facilitate the analysis of measurements
  • Five-level comparator function with buzzer
  • Auto power ON and OFF functions
  • Density determination function (optional density determination kits available for the 0.0001/0.001 g readability models)
  • Underhook for weighing a magnetic material as well as measuring density
  • Security slot in the rear of the balance to accommodate an anti-theft lock

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5 Year Warranty