A&D GP-102KA 61000g x 1g/10g & 101000g x 10g High Capacity Balance With Internal Calibration

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Comparator Output/RS232C:

NMI Trade Verification:

Non-Trade Approved Model:

Plastic Dust Cover:

RS232 Interface Cable:

Weigh Below Hook:

NMI Approved But Not For Trading Direct With The Public

*** Where the weighing specifications of this instrument are deemed suitable for the application, this instrument (when verified) CAN be used for pre-packing and/or compliance testing but CANNOT be used for trading direct with the public (e.g. face to face, over the counter adhoc weighing transactions).

NMI Approval 6/4C/220

Class II

Trade Approved Resolution 61000 x 10g & 101000g x 10g

Non-Trade Resolution 61000g x 1g & 101000g x 10g

Swing Arm Display

NOTE: This model ships from Japan only.  Contact us for estimated shipping times.


  • Five years warranty
  • Utilises the revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor
  • IP-65 protected to withstand harsh environments
  • Internal Calibration using motor driven masses
  • Vacuum fluorescent display element
  • Multiple weighing units
  • Overload protected to take hard use
  • Adjustable environmental settings to match your needs
  • Piece counting software as standard
  • Percentage comparison weighing software as standard
  • Built in HI/GO/LO comparator for check weighing
  • Sealed keypad protecting against spills and dust
  • Standard RS232C serial data interface
  • Supplied with WinCT communication software
  • Comparator output option
  • Under hook weighing options

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5 Year Warranty